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New Aemdee application launching

The Aemdee team has been so busy during the last six months in product development that blog posts have sadly been nonexistent. The good news is that our atrial fibrillation service is launching as we speak! In this blog post we thought that we’d describe what our new service provides for atrial fibrillation patients and the doctors treating them.

What is atrial fibrillation

In layman’s terms, atrial fibrillation is a condition of the heart where some portions of the heart do not operate correctly and the blood inside the heart may become immobile. Because blood inside the heart becomes immobile, blood clots start to appear. Via arteries leaving the heart, these clots may be transported to the brain causing blockades inside the brain, which is called a stroke. This is a life threatening situation that needs instant medical care. Many strokes lead to disabilities or death.

How is atrial fibrillation treated

A common treatment for atrial fibrillation patients is anticoagulation, which is a drug therapy that thins the blood so that blood clots would not appear. Older anticoagulants, like warfarin, are very difficult to maintain because they need constant monitoring of certain blood parameters. New anticoagulants, like dabigatran, rivaroxaban and apixaban, do not require monitoring and are therefore much easier to use.

What does Aemdee do for atrial fibrillation patients

Now we come to the part where Aemdee comes in. Even though the new anticoagulants don’t require monitoring, many doctors feel that they should be monitored in some way because the end result of non-compliance with treatment is so severe: a stroke. Aemdee’s atrial fibrillation monitoring service is meant to be used with the new anticoagulants to provide doctors and patients an automatic monitoring service. It actually does a whole lot more than just monitors pharmaceutical compliance, it monitors the patient’s condition with multiple parameters so that if the patient’s condition gets worse, the system automatically notifies health care providers so that they can react before something bad happens. Aemdee is meant to improve therapy and predict future adverse outcomes (=strokes).

Some more pros and features: it’s very easy to use, it reminds and notifies users automatically, it’s easy to start with patients, it’s cloud based and therefore available anywhere. Great stuff! We’re really proud to see it in use with atrial fibrillation patients!

Please send us an email if you’d like to learn more!

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Doctors gain experiences by using Aemdee

Doctors don’t find it easy to start using new drugs. Although clinical trials provide the most important information concerning new drugs, each doctor needs to get used to using the new drug in real life. They need to be able to assess the following facts about any new drug:

  • What is the efficacy of the new drug?
  • What are its side effects and how severe are they?
  • Who is the most suitable patient for this new drug?

In practice this means that drugs are first prescribed only to a small number of patients to discover its effects. Experience in this traditional way is collected carefully and slowly.

By using Aemdee, doctors will be able to receive information from their patients very quickly after even the first prescription. When patients that have received Aemdee as a service along their prescription log in the first time, Aemdee starts collecting data from the patients periodically and feeding the data back to the doctor. By using a Aemdee, doctors will be able to:

  • See how the drug is working with their patients individually or as a group.
  • See what side effects occur and react to severe ones faster than ever before.
  • See which kinds of patients benefit the most and which kinds suffer most side effects.
  • See how the drug is working with the patients of their peers who are also using the new drug.
  • See if the patients stay on treatment.

Because Aemdee starts gathering information immediately after the prescription, information for the doctor will be provided much faster than following the patient through conventional means.

The system is designed to be as easy and as effortless for the doctor to use as possible. We do not want to increase the burden of doctors but provide them with relevant information about their patients in an accessible format.

We will make it safer, easier and faster for doctors to start prescribing new treatments for their patients.

Please check our blog again during the next few when we will be telling more about the benefits that Aemdee will provide for patients and the pharmaceutical industry!

The Aemdee team

P.S. Please check our new landing page.

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Getting things done

Aemdee is making great progress and we’re very excited to get the product to the market! We have now:

  • A core team and product development ongoing.
  • A bunch of very professional advisers helping the core team.
  • A vision of the final product which will change the way new pharmaceuticals are introduced.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be writing about the benefits and features that Aemdee provides to its users: the doctors, the patients and the pharmaceutical industry. We offer users a completely unique service.

Aemdee also won a pitching competition at HealthSPA 0.2 on 10.4.2013! Please see the news release:

“Aemdee is the first treatment performance evaluation system intended for new pharmaceutical products that helps doctors to quickly assess the real-life effects of a new treatment, including efficacy, safety and most potential patient groups. The chairman of the jury Marko Turpeinen commented that the jury was convinced by Aemdee’s market-driven approach to post-launch testing of medicine effectiveness, strong background domain knowledge in pharmaceutical industry, and feasible go-to-market strategy.”

Please check in to see our updates over the next weeks and months about more details of our upcoming product!

The Aemdee team.

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If there is any market up for new innovative services, it is the pharma market.

The pharma industry has been described time and again as an industry that is just now taking its first steps into the modern digital era. The industry, in using modern communication tech, as a whole is where other industries have been several years ago and this is a recognized fact by many experts, described also very recently in this article: Why the status of the industry is what it is? That is a question worth deeper analysis. But be it as it may be, this is an opportunity like no other for innovative high-tech companies like Aemdee, who are developing new services for the health care industry.

Getting back to the article by Ben Steele (, he says: “The perfect way to demonstrate added value is to include digital services as part of a new product, unveiling these as part of the product launch. These will not only make your new drug stand out, but will also improve patient experience which will have a knock on effect on adherence.”

We at Aemdee are happy to say that we are creating a service that helps in communication between the doctor and a patient in a situation where there is a new drug launch and the doctor is trying out the new drug with his first few patients. We hope to accelerate the process where doctors receive early drug performance experiences from patients. This helps doctors see the efficacy of the new drug, its safety and the patient groups that benefit the most of this new drug. This all will result in a shorter drug adaptation process which is beneficial to doctors, patients, pharma companies and payers.


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