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Aemdee is making great progress and we’re very excited to get the product to the market! We have now:

  • A core team and product development ongoing.
  • A bunch of very professional advisers helping the core team.
  • A vision of the final product which will change the way new pharmaceuticals are introduced.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be writing about the benefits and features that Aemdee provides to its users: the doctors, the patients and the pharmaceutical industry. We offer users a completely unique service.

Aemdee also won a pitching competition at HealthSPA 0.2 on 10.4.2013! Please see the news release:

“Aemdee is the first treatment performance evaluation system intended for new pharmaceutical products that helps doctors to quickly assess the real-life effects of a new treatment, including efficacy, safety and most potential patient groups. The chairman of the jury Marko Turpeinen commented that the jury was convinced by Aemdee’s market-driven approach to post-launch testing of medicine effectiveness, strong background domain knowledge in pharmaceutical industry, and feasible go-to-market strategy.”

Please check in to see our updates over the next weeks and months about more details of our upcoming product!

The Aemdee team.

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